Candor thinks & works like an underwriter.

Finally, a dynamic underwriting engine that analyzes income, assets, credit, identity, and occupancy.

Candor even issues & clears conditions.

Underwrites completed since August 2020:


The test: 3 months, 3 clients, 68,000+ units.

The results: 20.6 day cycle time reduction. 18.1% pull through lift.

The Real Bottleneck

The bottleneck is the reliance on the underwriter's critical thinking capabilities to determine “the best next step” to corroborate data, assess eligibility, and make a decision to lend.

Candor thinks and works like an underwriter to eliminate that bottleneck.

Our patent-pending CogniTech™ models how underwriters think.

An Underwriting Engine with Dynamic Adaptivity

Since no two loan files are the same, underwriting can not be a linear, predictable process.

CogniTech™ Knowledge Engineering Technology makes Candor dynamically adaptive, able to determine the next best step as it underwrites loans.

Candor conducts thousands of data cross checks to corroborate data.

Candor issues & clears conditions, and makes a decision to lend.

Underwriting quality is backed by a defect policy.

Candor is accessed in the LOS, and underwrites with one click.

Seamless workflow integration. Extensive system training is not required.

Ease of use and intuitive conditions ensure widespread adoption.